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My one to one mentoring, coaching and personal empowerment sessions are a little different. Like many they aim to help, support and guide you to clarify, achieve and exceed your own goals and objectives, whether they are professional, personal or spiritual.


But my sessions are dedicated to supporting you in a truly holistic way, helping you on your journey of rediscovery of your strengths and abilities, with a deep understanding that you are a complex individual with your own unique gifts. I look at supporting your empowerment in an intuitive way, with approaches that explore your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects, compassionately supporting you to confidently face and overcome difficult life challenges.

Sessions are about helping you reveal the answers that you already know, offering you an objective, supportive, empathetic and safe space to explore the positive paths that will lead you to living an authentic and heartfelt life. I draw upon my many years experience of supporting a wide variety of clients with various therapeutic approaches including claircognizant medicine and healing.

Recommended Reading
One of my clients, Kim, shares her story of how her regular holistic life coaching sessions helped her understand the reasons behind her feelings of stress and limiting behaviours, and how this is continuing to help on her journey of personal growth and (re)discovery.

Initial Consultation

90min | Holistic Counsel and Coaching

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Personal Development and Transformational Coaching Plan 

12 x 1hr weekly sessions | Holistic Coaching, Counsel and Support

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