skills, training and experience

Training, Teaching and Facilitation  Certificated in 2008

Adult Teaching and LearningUniversity of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Bodywork Therapies  Experienced Bodywork Practitioner since 2005

Olfactotherapy and Aromatherapy – Recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award - 1 year in-person full time study with completion of 24 individual case studies over 5 months for certification;

Anatomy & Physiology – Recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award - 1 year in-person full time study with completion of 24 individual case studies over 5 months for certification

Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Massage - 1 year in-person full time study with completion of 24 individual case studies over 5 months for certification

Reflexology and Zone Therapy - 1 year in-person full time study with completion of 20 individual case studies over 5 months for certification

Acupressure  Practitioner since 2005

Dien Chan Facial Acupressure, Vietnamese Face Mapping and Facial Reflexology - in-person training Certificated Operator with AIRFI (International Academy of Italian Facial Reflexology)

Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage - Intensive in-person 2 day certificated course approved by the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists)

Healing and Energy Medicine  Experienced Energy and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner since 2006

Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher Levels - in-person training, 3 years study and practice for professional certification

Crystal Therapy Practitioner -  in-person professional Practitioner certificated 12 week dedicated course with completion of 20 individual case studies for certification

Archangel and Quantum Medicine  Angelic Channel and QE Practitioner since 2016

Quantum Entanglement and Archangel Healing - Intensive in-person Certificated Workshop followed by 2 years ongoing practice

Shamanic Practitioner Training  4 years dedicated training

I have been working spirituality all my life and professionally for almost 20 years, and began to walk the professional shamanic training path in 2015. My shamanic healing practice is a personal and professional continual learning process and a lifelong dedication and commitment. My training has been undertaken with Fotoula Adrimi BA(Hons) MSc, Counsellor, Shamanic Teacher and Director of The Isis School of Holistic Health who studied under internationally renowned Shamanic Teacher Sandra Ingerman.

The Path Of The EagleThe Journey of the Shaman, Retrieval of Personal Power and Life Force

The Path Of The JaguarSoul Retrieval Practitioner Training

The Path Of The Earth - Part 1: Shamanic Healing with Spiritual Light; Part 2: Medicine For The Earth

The Path Of The BearExtraction Training

The Path Of The Jackal - Part 1: Death and Dying - Peaceful Passing, Rebirth, Support in Grief; Part 2: Psychopomping and De-possession

Specialist Shamanic Training

Nepalese-Himalayan Shamanism and Indigenous Healing - intensive weekend training retreat with Bhola Nath Bastola, indigenous Nepalese Shaman (Jhankri)

Shamanic CPD and Ongoing Development

Womb Rites: Path of the Maiden, Path of The Mother, Path Of The Elder, Into the Mystery

Holistic Therapies for Animals  Qualified Animal Reiki Practitioner since 2017

Animal Reiki Practitioner - in-person training, certificated by SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association)

Horticulture and Landscape Design  Professional Horticulturist and Garden Designer since 2001

HNC Garden Design - 1 year in-person full time study

SGA Land and Environment - 1 year in-person full time study

Mindfulness  Mindfulness Practitioner since 2016

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance - intensive 6 week course, Monash University, Melbourne


Meditation  Meditation Practice since 2000

includes Meditations with Green and White Tara - full, one day practical meditation practice with ISIS School of Holistic Health

Trauma Informed Practice  Certificated in 2017

Vicarious Trauma and Resilience - in person training, certificated by Mandala Consultants, Counselling and Psychotherapy CIC

Trauma Enhanced Practice Training to be completed in 2021/2022

Therapeutic Shaking Release - in person training in Therapeutic Shaking for physical, mental and spiritual health with Claudia Wolff, Trauma Therapist Practitioner, Germany

Epilepsy Awareness  Certificated in 2016

Epilepsy Awareness Training and Heartstart First Aid Training - in-person trainingcertificated by Epilepsy Connections, Glasgow

Experiential Knowledge  Professional development, personal study, practical experience 

Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches since 2000

Trauma, PTSD and CPTSD  Recovery - personal experience and recovery; working with clients in this area for 20+ years

Biodynamic Gardening since 2011

Therapeutic Horticulture since 2013

Plant Spirit Medicine since 2001

Spagyrics - Alchemical crystal, mineral and plant preparations since 2007

Dowsing - Pendulum and intuitive since 2009

Divination - Stone casting since 2009

Cartomancy - Tarot (various traditional and non traditional decks and spreads) since 1989, Intuitive Diagnosis and Claircognancy lifelong

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