Andrea is a truly talented practitioner...combining different philosophies, her vast experience and her deep down compassion for fellow beings.
I started treatments at a difficult point in my life, and I felt physical and emotional benefits pretty quickly. I’m genuinely astounded how Andrea can diagnose issues that I have not told her about.

Paula, Client

Hello and thank you for your interest in Flourish. I'm Andrea, the healer, horticulturist and heart behind Flourish.


I'm a Recovery Therapist, Shamanka (professional Shamanic Healer & Medicine Woman), Claircognizant, Esoteric Teacher and Earthworker. Simply put, I'm a down-to-earth soul who works with physical therapies, the medicine of the land and the worlds of Spirit to facilitate healing and recovery for humans, animals, homes, spaces and the Earth. You'll usually find me either in dungarees in the dirt, rattling and drumming or engrossed in practical alchemy. Like me, Flourish is feral and floral, chaos and craft, raw but always real. I explore pain, darkness and trauma to retrieve love, faith and recovery. Real lives, real transformations.

I've been working in the fields of holistic medicine, intuitive diagnosis, shamanism, divination & cartomancy and therapeutic horticulture for over 20 years, and I've applied these principles and practices to support my own health, well being and life choices for over 30 years. This hasn't always meant calm, balance and a quiet life - that's not how healing works - but what it has meant is deeper truth and a greater understanding and respect for myself, the world around me and the worlds beyond me. 


I specialise in trauma recovery and use holistic approaches to address what is medically termed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and CPTSD (Complex PTSD). As a healer and not a medical professional, I see the person, not the labels and prefer to view these experiences not at all as disorders but as natural body, mind and soul survival responses to trauma. As a trauma survivor myself, I bring personal witness to my work. This is incredibly important in both personally and therapeutically understanding what you're experiencing and this is why recovery is my specialism. I have lived a life through the lens of trauma and the approaches and techniques that I use, teach and share with my clients in their own recovery and healing are the methods I live myself.  Honesty, integrity, safety and respect are cornerstones of my practice - you can read more about my commitment to the ethos and values of Flourish here.

Before my professional practice in holistic medicine, I spent 11 years in a previous career in Analytical Chemistry and Quality Management within the medical and pharmaceutical field. My fascination with people and life sciences led me initially toward an academic entrance acceptance to study Medicine at Glasgow University. But, as the mischieviousness of fate tends to do, it pulled me in a different direction and I began working within the pharmaceutical industry. I felt the industry's approach was very limited and that it also discouraged autonomy and ownership of individual health. Working within a field that was actively opposed to my own skills, gifts and values was also, naturally, adversely affecting my own health. Becoming disillusioned with my work in this field, in 2000 I cleared the way, turning my life upside down and inside out, to allow my purpose to align with my work, and this path began to lay itself when I was offered the role of Assistant Clinic Manager with a large complementary health centre in Glasgow. 


My sessions were profound and deeply spiritual - words are too small to describe the shift I have felt in myself as a result. I have had previous therapy, but I honestly don't think I could have made so much progress without Andrea.

Read Rose's story here


With a lifelong fascination and deep love for the green world, I developed my own private therapeutic practice initially through the plant world and the study of Environment, Horticulture and Landscape Design. I've designed and developed gardens and landscapes for private and corporate clients and spent some time in landscape architecture. This particular area was one of the most disheartening jobs I have ever had but this determined just how much I wanted to spend less time in AutoCAD landscape design, placing computer trees on computer grass, and more time interacting with plants and people. 

My therapeutic work in horticulture led to my study, qualification, professional and experiential knowledge in holistic medicine and the healing arts including bodywork, Clinical Reflexology, Acupressure and energetic and vibrational therapies. I support clients in their own therapeutic development using nature and Spirit medicine and I provide holistic counsel, empathetic support and healing practices for transformational change. I work with a wide range of private clients in one to one sessions and support others in developing their own healing skills in my workshops and courses. including my specially designed Reiki training courses for therapists and those drawn to Reiki, Workplace Wellbeing Programs for supporting employees' wellness in the workplace and providing support and supervision for both student therapists and established practitioners. As a specifically trained Animal Reiki Practitioner, I also share energy medicine with a wide range of animals - from congested Highland cows to injured crows - including my own companion animals. Working with animals, much like working shamanically to restore the souls of people, is like holding a precious star.


I cannot recommend Andrea more highly. I was recommended her by a friend and I am so glad that I was. I have been visiting Andrea for a couple of years and find her to be professional, nurturing and supportive. She is an excellent practitioner who has helped me immensely.

I feel immediately at ease during our sessions and leave feeling relaxed, nurtured and calm.

- Hannah, Client




In my work as a Lecturer in Horticulture in further education, I supported a variety of students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, with many students experiencing previous educational exclusion due to learning challenges or being within the criminal justice system due to adverse circumstances. Student engagement was minimal when teaching in a classroom but when venturing outside in the natural environment, my students' participation was more enthusiastic and they developed a strong sense of working together. To see them connect with each other and their environment was incredible; miracles do happen if we provide them with the right conditions. 

My work with community organisations includes developing social and therapeutic horticulture projects, encouraging and supporting the profound positive effects that tending plants have on health and well-being, helping us to reconnect with our need to nurture even if we have received very little nurturing from others or have no experience or encouragement of doing this for ourselves. This was never more apparent than with my work with a women's safe house and residential refuge in Glasgow where the residents were victims of sustained abuse and subsequent substance addiction.

I've been sharing and teaching Reiki for over 15 years and my courses are designed and developed by me - there's no 'template' training at Flourish. They are unlike any other Usui Reiki courses available as they are individually tailored to each student and we also go with what we're guided toward on the day. I also facilitate health and wellbeing workshops in shamanism, energy therapy, metaphysical medicine and psychic development, supporting participants in developing their own awareness and self healing skills.

Shamanka And Seer

In my formative years I tried to push my clairvoyance to the edges of my life but this is not possible for a natural seer. When I finally started working in the vocation I was always meant to, I began to craft my clairvoyance, understanding how it could be used in my healing work. While it can sometimes be overwhelming to live a life in this way, it is one of my trusted tools that I am so grateful to be blessed with, perhaps because of its many challenges. As a claircognizant messenger and intermediary between the human and the spirit worlds, this became fully integrated with my practice when I began my professional Shamanic Practitioner training. The ancient discipline of faith healing has gone out of favour to make way for other descriptors but really, this describes rather accurately a large part of what I am, whether it's fashionable or not. An integral part of my ancestry and developed in my own life, with a long family history of Celtic and Norse-Gael.

My 4 year long dedication to my professional training in shamanism with Fotoula Adrimi served as Spirit's ceremonial initiation and blessing of me as Earthworker and ShamankaI've spent time training in aspects of Tibetan shamanism with Nepalese Jhākri, Bhola Bastola and while my spiritual healing approaches have a strong foundation in my own traditions, they are also influenced by many different cultures including Native American, Toltec, Seidr, Buddhist and Taoist practices. My shamanic work is also strengthened by my work with the land at my organic medicine gardens.

WytchWood Potager and Dispensary

Tending and communing with plants is one of the supportive therapies I use for my own well-being, as well as for Flourish. I'm a keen gardener and apply holistic, organic and biodynamic principles, rooted in the ecological, ethical, social and spiritual respect for the land. While I no longer design gardens commercially, I have designed, developed and built specifically created medicine gardens - the WytchWood Potager and The Goddess Garden - at my South Lanarkshire practice where I sow, grow and harvest the organic plants I nurture for the medicines I craft for the Dispensary, which includes remedies exclusively for clients and smudges, oils, balms, waters, elixirs, candles and ceremonial supplies for general purchase.

My work truly is a vocation, my passion and purpose, and I hope you get a sense of this when exploring my Flourish website, browsing its services and reading the wonderful journeys of my clients and students. My work is an integral part of my own life, and it is often very difficult to tell where one ends and another begins - they are the yin and yang in the circle of my world, an ever evolving personal and professional developmental process that ensures I continue to provide the best possible service for you.

Love and healing,


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'Andrea has provided me with an intimate setting whereby I have been able to open up in a way with no other about my personal struggles. Her sessions allow complete openness and anything you say is received in a non judgemental manner. Her sessions have changed me for the better and allowed me to grow in many ways.'

Ashy, Client


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